Frequently Asked Questions / Foire Aux Questions

Have questions? Contact me HERE. / Des questions? Contactez-moi ICI.

Since 2002 / Depuis 2002

I have been drawing pixels since my childhood (so before the year 2000). But it is only after my pregnancy (2002) and becoming a stay at home mom that I began to work from my art.

I began with the membership area later, and other sites followed. I also created a doll base Maxann inspired by my 2 year old kids, than evolved the base to the version II and III later. My Athena and Tiny Leo outlines have probably been the most used by other artists. Thank you!

Outlines and outlines? / Linearts et linearts

I offer outlines, some tubes and sigtags, some various stuffs such as quizes and dollmakers, but mainly I offer outlines. Why?

I am an artist. I love to draw and create. Spending time in the pixels world, Iíve noticed so many talented people can do amazing results with the same linearts. And even more amazing, is that with time, you can know who colored the lines by her/his style of coloring.

There is no good or wrong way to color an outline. I am always amazed to see the result from any level of skill, original work is always nice for the eyes!

Why not greyscales? For the same reasons above, it is nice tooffer to your customers and members variety than only copy with a different color! I have nothing against the greyscales lines, nor the people who create or use it! Everyone is free to do what they want. But personally, I really love the variety even when it starts from the same line. Everyone owns an original work to offer to people! Remember colored works of ZarBella, Carin, Cally and others pixels artists? I am from the old school, I know it!

But I love to help people to improve their skill too, that was why I had created my drawing/coloring tutorials area at first after all!

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